About Us
ETBS works with clients to examine their IT operation in relation to their peers and/or competitors and develop actionable strategies to improve their position in the market. With our proven methodology and extensive price, service and cost data from IT vendors, corporations and government organisations in over 45 countries we have conducted over 500 regional and global benchmarks in the past 10 years.

Constantly updated with the latest information our price modelling subscriptions enable clients across the globe to compare all dimensions of a service and understand what they should be charging or paying for IT infrastructure service, cloud infrastructure and IT personnel.

Our experience in the past and our constant exposure to the new (often before it hits the mainstream) puts us in a perfect position to assist any organisation find the perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness in their IT operation.

Our Coverage
With offices in Sydney and London and customers across the globe we are available 24 hours a day.

Our extensive price and cost data for operations covers over 45 countries with new markets being researched constantly.

We are well versed in all areas of IT infrastructure and are constantly called upon to asses the effectiveness of new technologies and ways of working.

Our Clients

Over the past 10 years we have assisted a with a wide range of clients across the globe including IT vendors, leading households brands, financial institutions and government departments.

Our People

Eugene Talasch

Founder and Principal Consultant

    • Over 40 years’ experience in IT with over 20 years’ experience in Benchmarking, specialising in service delivery, outsourcing and government contracts.
    • Previously held benchmarking practice leadership roles in Gartner, META Group and EDS.
    • Formed ETBS in 2005 to provide service and insights beyond the expected template.
    • Brings his keen eye for detail and extensive experience to every project.

Bernd Talasch

Senior Benchmarking Consultant

    • Brings over 10 years’ experience working for Telecommunications companies analysing billions of data-points to develop and deliver informed customer experience campaigns.
    • Holds a Bachelor of Business from UTS in Sydney.
    • Joined ETBS in 2010 to maintain and develop pricing models for infrastructure and cloud markets.
    • Continues to impress clients with informed commentary and insightful analysis.

Scott Russell

Pricing Analyst / Digital Manager

    • Over 20 years of marketing, research and project management experience in a range of IT markets including ERP, security, recruitment, research and advisory and channel distribution.
    • Over 5 years with ETBS, specialising in professional services, software and SaaS rate card research and development.
    • Produces all online content for ETBS.
Our Sponsorships

ETBS takes corporate responsibility seriously and it has always been a vision of ours to endorse charities. Whilst it is impossible to sponsor every charity, ETBS is very proud to support the following:


The team at ETBS strongly believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to grow and showcase their potential irrespective of where they call home. Through Plan ETBS sponsor children from Nepal, Peru and South Sudan.

UK Wolf Conservation Trust

The UK Wolf Conservation Trust was initially created to dispel the myths and misconceptions that surround and have plagued wolves throughout their history. ETBS sponsors the UK Wolf Conservation Trust – most notably, a Wolf called ‘Tala’.  

Guide Dogs Australia

ETBS are very proud to sponsor Guide Dogs Australia, a cause close to our hearts.  The team at ETBS strongly believe in the programs put in place  by Guide Dogs Australia to enhance the mobility  of blind and vision impaired people and educate the public of their needs. 

World Animal Protection

Without a voice to speak for themselves, animals need all the help they can get. ETBS proudly supports World Animal Protection (formerly WSPCA) in it’s world wide efforts to improve the quality of life for animals in wild, rural and urban areas.