How healthy is your IT operation? Do you really know? How do you measure its health?
An organisation that benchmarks its IT operation can:

  • Understand its position in the market compared to its peers
  • See areas that need to be improved
  • Set milestones and strategies for improvement
  • Track progress with sensible metrics

We will look at these benefits in more detail elsewhere, in this article we ask you to seriously consider the implications of not benchmarking your IT operation.


Typical symptoms of an organisation that doesn’t benchmark their IT operation:

  • Poor vision or even blindness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Poor balance
  • Delayed Development

How Can a Benchmark Help?

Let’s look at these symptoms and how a benchmark can assist:

Poor vision or even blindness – A thorough benchmark will examine processes independently of internal bias and allow management to truly understand what areas of the business require attention that they may not have been able to see before.

Lack of motivation – Without a clear pathway an organisation can become lost. A benchmark gives you a roadmap to success by clearly identifying what needs work and the metrics generated give management and staff a clear indicator of how they are tracking.

Poor Balance – Does the business compare to its peers in terms of:

  • Staff Ratios
  • Outsource vs In-house

An organisation who regularly benchmarks and applies the finding has all these factors perfectly balanced.

Delayed Development – An organisation that doesn’t know what needs to improve will not grow and develop at the same rate as an organisation that has clear objectives which have been defined in the benchmark process.

Seek Relief!

If your organisation suffers from any of the above symptoms then a benchmark may be the cure. ETBS are ready to assist you with an obligation free first consultation.


The team at ETBS would be delighted to assist you in your business improvement journey. To ensure we are the right fit for your needs we offer an obligation free first consultation where we can explore your needs, suggest a course of action and outline costs.